What your email address says about you…

Have you ever had a terrible email address? Do you still have a terrible email address? Do you know what your email address is subliminally saying about you and your company?

I’ve had an email address since I was ten years old. I don’t remember what it was, but I’ve always been sensible. Probably more out of luck than judgement.

However, if you’d like to email my partner circa 2001 drop her a line at arewealoneinfeelingssolostanddisillusioned@hotmail.com (ironically, she forgot her password years go but still remembers the email address)

When it comes to professional email addresses, it always bugs me seeing “mikesplumbingservices@gmail.com”. It looks unprofessional, but also it’s missing a great chance to tell people you have a website…

This, however, is digital perfection:

What does the conventional email address say about your company?

Firstname@business.com – Small company

Firstname.lastname@business.com – larger company

nickname@business.co – edgy company

firstinitial.lastname@business.com – stuffy old school company stuck in the dark ages

Hello@business.com – friendly, informal company

info@business.com – emails to this will never be read by anyone

company@freeemailprovider.com – this company will probably take your money and run for the hills

What’s the best email address you’ve ever seen?