I was given my first computer at a very young age, the first thing I did was take it to pieces. I’ve always been enthused by computers and technology. At school I loved business and marketing, most intrigued by consumer behaviours. My goals have always been a mixture of these elements, creating digital marketing with the consumer in mind.

Growing up in the era of mobile internet and the boom of internet on the go, devices are a huge part of my life. Utilising this, I always aim to create content that looks beautiful and is easy to consume no matter what device is being used, as I’d expect this myself.

With my experiences in website development, promotional email creation, search engine marketing, social media marketing and everything else digital that you can imagine, I aim to produce usable design that is consistent across all platforms.

Web Design

Fluid and responsive websites that work. I prefer to build websites with wordpress because the content management system is great for the end user, but I’m also comfortable hand coding websites too. I’m not daunted by huge projects, I’ve worked on some massive websites, but I also love creating online identities for small start ups.

Promotional Emails

Email isn’t dead. From helping start-up businesses create a database of connections, to working with millions of customers and organising trigger campaigns, I’ve created campaigns with my own fluid email structure that has been updated with years of experience to work on all devices.

Search Engine Optimisation

Everybody wants to be the top of google, not everybody realises how hard that is. From paid search campaigns for short term success to organic growth from thought out websites, I’ve worked with brands to understand what consumers are searching for and make sure their brand is there to meet the demand.

Social Media

Social media is easy to do, unless you want to do it right. From deciding which social media platform(s) are correct for the brand to creating content strategies and paid advertising, there’s more to social media than meets the eye.


Luckily for me i have had the pleasure to study with, compete against and be a client of Lloyd’s.The design work he produced for my events was incredible and all done to a tight schedule. His skills in both marketing and design are extremely valuable to any employer and i have no doubt Lloyd will have every success in the future. He is a great person and a terrific asset to any business. – Chris Joughin

Lloyd was a fantastic colleague to work with, always willing to step up to improve things and processes. He did a really good job managing the emails designs and integrating it as well as managing the website’s updates and designs. He is great addition to any team professionally and for his human skills! – Mathilde Panaget

Lloyd is a creative and talented individual with a lot to give. He has both skill and flair especially within digital and branding areas. Quick to learn and bubbly in character Lloyd is an asset to any team. – Christabell Briggs